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"Living in the shadows, hidden

Evolution's guilty pleasure"

   - Origin of Species




Creatures that have been un-described by scientific consensus have long been only regarded as urban myths of times long-forgotten. The world has since moved on from the mythical legends that were Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster & the El Chupacabra, all famous examples of such majestic creatures. They have been deemed child’s play by society… or are they? A big secret is about to unfold.


The first volume in a trilogy follows seven individuals on a journey of self-discovery. Each can turn into one animal. Not only do they face the question of who or what they really are, the truth behind where they come from is equally foreboding. Were they born this way, or worse... made this way? They learn that there is more to the natural world than meets the eye.


Living in the shadows, hidden. Meet evolution's guilty pleasure.

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